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Existing affiliates can log in using their previous details. New users need to register where it says ‘Click here to sign up now’




The object is to get as many clubs as you can to promote the photos from their previous events via their own website and also via emails.


There are 3 types of link that can be made to DE Photo:


1)      Banner

2)      Logo

3)      Text


The Banner Ad is by far the best type of link, the more prominent it is on their website, the better results they will achieve.


Secondly, a Logo can be placed where there is limited space on their website OR used on additional pages as well as a main Banner Ad – again, the more links they place the better results they will achieve.


Lastly, a Text link can be very useful when used in Emails, for example they can email out to their members pointing people to where the photos are stored.





The key difference between the new and old affiliate system is that each link can be created to point to THEIR CLUB folder on our website, rather than just the DE home page.


From the menu select Linking – Then you will see 3 tabs for the 3 different types of links that can be created – Banner, Logo and Text





1)    Banner


There are currently 10 different sport Banners to choose from (more will be added), if your specific Sport does not exist you can select the generic ‘General Banner’.


First step is to select the folder you want to link to on our website, click ‘Select Location’ underneath the appropriate Banner you would like to use:



                This brings up a folder list for you to Browse to your club folder:



                As an example ‘Events’ and ‘Apax Summer Party’ has been selected, once selected this is shown as the ‘Link to:’ location.




Now all you need to do is click the button ‘Generate Link’ which creates the necessary code to place on your website, as shown below.



By cutting and pasting this code on your website it will display the animated Banner – You may need to contact your


Anyone clicking on this Banner will be directed to the Events \ Apax Summer Party folder on our website (please note that new visitors to our website will be required to create a login for themselves first, before being redirected to the correct folder).



2)    Logo



Works in exactly the same way as a Banner



3)    Text


Slight difference here as YOU choose what wording you would like as the ‘clickable’ text:



Once you have entered your own text in the ‘Link Text’ box, select the location (same as for a Banner above), then click ‘Generate Link’


Some examples of text could be:


‘Photos available from DE Photo’

‘Click here to view photos from our recent Tournament’

 ‘Click here to help raise funds for our club’



Other options available from the main menu include:


a)      My Account


The Overview will show you the activity that has taken place on your account including the number of visitors, Transactions and Earnings



b)      Activity


Transactions will show you what sales have taken place and the Earnings achieved from these.

Traffic will show you the date and time of any click throughs from your website to DE Photo, including the URL of your referring page.


c)       Payments


Shows you what previous payments have been made to you.